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The Miniature Schnauzer, is one of three Schnauzer breeds. His build gives the impression that he should be banded together with the square-built members of the Terrier group, which indeed he is in the USA. In The RSA he is under the utility group.

Standing around 36cm in a coat that is harsh and wiry, he must have the most stylish outline of any dog around. Always a striking dog in the local park.

To achieve the look you see in the show-ring takes a professional touch; for the companion at home, all that is required is great doggie groomer and wire-glove. Combing the whiskers and leg hair will keep him looking neat

The breed comes in Black, black and silver or, most commonly Salt and pepper, but to most people it would be a dark grey. White Schnauzers was until recently undesirable, but is now acceptable in RSA.

He makes a handy-sized companion for people of all ages, from the busy family to the senior citizen who need a friend. The miniature Schnauzer is possibly the best utility breed from the companion point of view.

What makes the Schnauzer family so distinctive is their ears, which are set up high on their heads and trip forward towards the temple; in addition they tend to grow luxurious eyebrows and beards.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a very intelligent breed, that gives the impression of doing everything on the double; he enjoys exercise but does nut grumble if he is not out and about all the time. He is not noisy.

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