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Our Schnauzers Leyla - My sweet as sugar girl, She loves playing in the yard,  And playing with Peyper.  She loves to play with my boys  And fetch tennis balls. My little Prince Peyper, He loves to sit at my feet,  And to eat the goodies  my boys feed him.  Montego biscuits is his  favourite Miley is the youngest She loves to play with ym little boys And get in all sort of trouble.  She leaves giant paw prints in Everyones hearts Lente is also one of our softest Girls, she has a wonderful super Coat, we where lucky enough to Get her  out of our first bloodlines Through another breeder we know Lexie, The daughter of Lente, looks just like Her Mother, she is has all her mothers’ grace And beauty and motherly instincts. We are expecting great things from  her and her puppies Max  “DA MAN” is almost as Mad as  his movie counter part. He can be a bit Crazy at times, but he is a real cutie. Playing ball and being a ladiesman Is his favourite pastime. We Raise raise Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies Exclusively on Montego Lulindi 	- 079 280 2532 Lulindi@lumondschnauzers.co.za Mika just as sweet as her name, my little shadow Follows me all around everywhere I go Very loving mother to her puppies Kayra sweet little Kayra is the youngest of the pack Looking forward to her litters She loves to play with my youngest full of energy and life Rider my only black Schnauzie. She loves to talk to me In her own growling howling way She has always something to say